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Wordai is leading now the top performance in online industry. Let’s start at the beginning. On the internet, if attracting and keeping visitors is your main concern? Content is King. I’ve found lately that most people that use spinners are just using them for Search Engine Optimization. There are many other methods to use spinning to make a fortune although spinning is excellent for Search Engine Optimization.

With that in your mind, now I’ve determined to talk about among those systems. It doesn’t need any expertise, or really any Search Engine Optimization and ’s truly quite easy to do. All it needs is the readiness to really devote the time and essential English skills. I mean $25 per hour you commit entirely to doing what I let you know, while I say $25/hour. Which may not be “get ” cash that is stupidly loaded, but that’s pretty bloody great for work that will require no specific abilities. And if you need “get ” cash that is stupidly loaded, this will do the job. Why? Because, as you’ll see later in this place, it is possible to pay others to do that for $10/hour, sell their work without having to do any work and retain the $15/hour gain!

What Exactly is This Superb Key Matter I’m Doing ?

That’s the best component, there’s nothing secret about it in any way! You’re only a content writer. Now I would like to show you that you’re incorrect and address all the reasons you believe this won’t work. I’ll begin with the one that is evident:

But Zubayer, Freelance Content Writers Tend Not To Make $25/hour!

You’re correct, and I’ll do some elementary math to show it (and then let you know tips on how to cheat and tweak those amounts).

Freelance content writers typically charge per word rather than per hour. An excellent writer can generally charge somewhere between $1.00 and $1.50 per 100 words and can likely compose 750 1000 words per hour. That works out from everywhere to $7.50/hour to $15/hour. But that’s not even including some time spent getting writing customers that are new. How did this $10/hour job turn into a $25/hour occupation?

I found an easy method turn them into somebody who composes 4,000 words per hour! and to take somebody who composes 750 words per hour And if you measly $0.65 per 100 words, that works charge a write 4,000 words per hour, and out to over $25/hour!


Typing 4,000 words . is being typed word a second by per hour is typing You said it was something anybody!

You got me there. The real secret just isn’t that being a content writer can generate income. The secret is without needing to compose one post on your own that it is possible to be a content writer. Both manners content purchasers judge content is readability (quality) and singularity. The first one is fairly simple to figure out (only read an article and see whether it is practical).

Singularity, the second one, is a lot more difficult for individuals to judge. Finally, all an user see if the content has any duplicates across the internet and can perform is assess Copyscape. So you just have to rewrite an existent post, and as long as it seems sensible (both the grammar and the content), and passes Copyscape, you may have a happy buyer on another end. Will the buyer believe the post is exceptional, but Google will and it’s exceptional, since the post is rewritten to be!

Here is how an article is rewritten by you at 1 word per second You don’t. Once I do this (I only ever do guides in this way if I’ve personally examined it myself first to be sure it works), I rewrite perhaps 3% of the words in the content. I get WordAi to do all the rest! So, I locate an article directory (only search “post directory” on Google and you’ll locate hundreds of them), search for an excellent post because post directory, set that post into WordAi, and WordAi will do 99% of the rewriting for me.


Can I simply use any spinner to try this?

You will find yourself regretting it down the road, although you could. The problem with most other spinners, is errors are made by them so frequently that you find yourself having to rewrite the whole post anyways, correcting the mistakes all the spinner makes. Or you get few synonyms that before it can pass Copyscape you’ll need to rewrite 50% of this article yourself. WordAi’s Turing Spinner (aptly named after the Turing Test it strives to overcome) makes spintax that’s so readable, you don’t have to spend much time editing it upward. Actually, since a singularity that can generally pass Copyscape is spun to by the Turing Spinner, zero changes are generally made by me before it’s prepared to be passed on content that is exceptional. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this video of me in actions:

Because video I rewrote a 400 word article in about 5 minutes (the video finished at 4:30, but I did end up spending another 20 seconds after that doing a couple area edits), and in the whole hour I spent working I rewrote 10 posts. I didn’t sell the content in the video (I ‘d never openly outside work done for a customer), but for the whole hour I rewrote 4,500 words, which could readily be sold for $25-30. I will be able to leverage the fact that human quality content is generated by the Turing Spinner and I sell this “ ” content that is free to legions of happy buyers. There isn’t any other spinner on the planet that can create spintax that’s this readable AND is exceptional enough that it can pass Copyscape right so you’ll be wasting money and time if you use other things.

Where are these “legions of joyful buyers” you talk about?

Free content is quite precious, when you’ve got folks wanting to purchase it but it’s more precious. You can find plenty of places and you could possibly offer your content more affordable than anyone else because you’re composing content quicker than all of your competition. That makes it extremely simple to get folks lining up to purchase content. But enough talking, I’ll only provide you with a couple sources where it is possible to sell content with time investment, almost no hassle, or overhead:

Fiverr and more..

All four of these are excellent spots I’ve have great success with each of them and attempted all four of them. Not to mention, in case you are looking to scale, there are sources better than that. I left out the greatest sources for subscribers to figure out for themselves… although if this post gets enough grip and enough people ask because of it, I’ll contemplate outting a couple of my stone 🙂

But the absolute best method to sell content, whichever site you use, will be to turn those first customers. I recently did a deal by having an Indian content writing company that writes 2,000,000 words/mo and they transferred all of their writers to using WordAi . Their content is sold for less, they have higher margins, and paradoxically, the quality in their content has gone up! So, after you get a long term customer like that (even if they don’t write that much), it is possible to then spend your entire time writing content, without having to waste all of your time trying to find new customers.

So How Much Cash Can the Average Man Actually Make With Wordai?

If you’re willing to work and fully dedicate 35-40 hours each week because of this, the typical man shouldn’t have any trouble making over $45,000/ year. It is possible to likely bring in half of that, if you just need to work part time. And after you have several committed content customers (all of the preceding “content sources” I listed previously are excellent areas to find long term content buyers) you are able to likely find yourself making even more. And at that stage, you can simply pay somebody else to use WordAi for you while you spend your day on the beach (or wherever you desire to be) rolling up your check while doing absolutely nothing!

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Zubayer Rahman Sayem Entrepreneur, Top Earner in DA And The Founder of 19 Coders & Entrepreneurs Passive Income. People say "Slow and steady wins the race" - I actually don't believe it. I believe my power principle "Change brings opportunity! Quick change brings quick opportunity!" You can always be more, have more and do more because you can always learn more. Success is a learnable skill.



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