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As a self-published writer, if you want your own publication to get noticed by anyone outside of your immediate family and circle of friends you’ll need to content marketing in an effective way.

But there’s quite good news about content marketing!

The content marketing that is key to what makes work so nicely for self-published book promotion is that it enables you to pre-sell your audience on the notion of buying your novel.

They arrive on your sales page feeling like buying your book is the natural step to take next, when your audience is warmed up before they view your publication offer.

Your Author Website is Your Foundation

If you’re a writer who intends to self-publish your publications, you need to have an author website.

Your writer site is like your launch pad, your ground zero or your calling card. This is where all of your present and prospective customers will head to learn more about who you might be, what you stand for and what you have to offer.

Done correctly, your writer site can also be where you will collect the e-mails of people who need to hear more about your forthcoming and current jobs.

It’s where you incorporate social media, blogging, your email marketing and other content advertising strategies that all point your audience to the target product – your books.

Consider your writer web site and make it something particular. Have a look at writer websites from E. L. James, Gillian Flynn and Mark Dawson for inspiration.

Blog Your Way to Exponential Success

Having a blog is one of the greatest means to leverage the power presell and of content marketing to attract customers to your brand and offerings.

Together with social media and email marketing, actually, blogging is among the types of content marketing that provides the greatest return on investment.


Because folks want fresh content delivered consistently. 81% of people searching for goods and services do research online before they make a purchase, today. Knowing this fact, means that one of your important aims should be to supply members of your market with as much information as possible. That makes it easier for them to come across your advice during their research, which leads them to your publication offers, and eventually, to the point that they make a purchase.

Blogging offers the best vehicle for this process to occur and the benefits are enormous:

You create many chances to get found in the search engines.

By writing blog posts that specifically interest them you pull your perfect customer.

You increase the Search Engine Optimization factor of novel offers and your website.

You build likability and trust with your audience with interesting blog posts and consistently upgraded.

You keep your audience up to date on warming up before you launch each new book to purchase, drawing them in and tidbits about your novels.

Remain Top-of-Mind with Regular Emails

I mentioned previously that one of the most significant facets of your author site is having a means to collect the email address of anyone who comes across your page looking to find out more.

Email marketing is a strong weapon to use in your self-publishing success arsenal.

When done the right manner, email marketing offers the second it comes out to one of the best types of content marketing that you can use to pre-sell an audience and get them excited and eager to buy your novel.

Studies demonstrate that 80% of sales happen after five follow ups (or a total of six contacts)! This really is because now’s consumers mostly buy from people they know and like.

By advertising on a continuous basis with email, your potential customers get to learn about you and your publications as you provide them with helpful and targeted content delivered to their own inbox on a regular basis right.

This helps to deepen the newly established relationship with the aim being to earn a sale and gain a new customer for life. By using a superb email marketing system, you are given the power to automate the whole process with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Done over a period of weeks, days or months, effective email marketing places your audience into the correct mindset to reach when it’s time for your own book release the “buy” button.

Give Something Away Now to Sell More Later

Along with having an email marketing system in place, blogging on a regular basis and establishing a stellar author site, one of the best ways to leverage content marketing to presell your next book is to give a book away now.
This advice probably seems like the exact opposite of what you think that should be doing, but hear me out.
Many savvy self-published writers have caught on to the fact that as it pertains to selling books, brand recognition and exposure are two of the most critical indicators for success.

In the end, if no one knows your book exists, how can they maybe buy it?

That’s where “giving away the farm” so to speak comes in. He’s more than willing to give something up because the result is typically a new raving fanatic who goes to buy his books repeatedly.

What does this tell us? That as writers attempting to make a living by selling our books, we should never underestimate the power of “Free”.

Content marketing is an extremely strong tool for attracting a large targeted audience to your books without spending a bundle to do it and gaining attention.

The keys to success with pre-selling your offers are simple:

Create a writer website that gives them a way to stay in touch, answers reader’s questions and showcases your work.
Send email upgrades out to remain top-of-mind with your audience.

Be generous and give away some content that is valuable every now and again, even if someone has never purchased from you before. Use your content marketing efforts to make a “trail of breadcrumbs” that all lead back to your own publication offers.

Follow these measures and you’ll never run out of prospects who are warmed up, ready and not unsold to purchase when you’ve got your next publication launch.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Zubayer Rahman Sayem Entrepreneur, Top Earner in DA And The Founder of 19 Coders & Entrepreneurs Passive Income. People say "Slow and steady wins the race" - I actually don't believe it. I believe my power principle "Change brings opportunity! Quick change brings quick opportunity!" You can always be more, have more and do more because you can always learn more. Success is a learnable skill.



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