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PBN Footprints Checklist

There are lots of myths going around PBN footprints. Some give Google god like powers (understanding your name when registering a hosting account), others suppose it lacks essential common sense).

I’ve written this blog post with the help of our pro developers and with SEO specialists who bring hands-on expertise to the table.

PBN Footprints

Firstly, we need to define a footprint:

A footprint is an unique identifier on all of your sites.
This could be a specific plugin, subject, outbound link pattern, Whois and many others things.

This goes goes for WordPress itself, themes, plugins and anything else that’s used on mass scale on the net.

Thus let’s classify footprints into three classes:


harmful (unique to your sites),
Impersonal (abnormal but not dangerous)
common (seen on thousands of blogs).

harmful (unique to your sites)

Issue here is when people say “just link out to ability sites and you’ll be okay”. No! It’s REALLY simple to find blogs which link to specific sites AND exclude the top 1000 sites. Consistently link to other smaller niche websites which are not in direct competition to yours.

SOA Records are viewed in DNS reports and comprise a “hostmaster” email address. If you’re using cPanel it usually uses your e-mail which you signed up with. This is an enormous difficulty, so go and remove the email by clicking Preferences and Upgrade Contact Info.

Plugins and subjects can also be dangerous if they’re only used by you or the Search Engine Optimization community. However it’s extremely easy so if the programmers understand what they’re doing, this shouldn’t be an issue to conceal plugins with a normal 404 error.

Another obvious one would be any type of Analytics Webmaster Tools or marketing codes codes. These have real unique IDs in source code and are very easy to find even for beginners (tip).

Impartial Footprints

These footprints are not enough to get your PBN de- indexed they are going to not help because they appear abnormal with ranking, and the links could be marked down.

Having a sizeable majority of WordPress backlinks. While this might look natural in some niches (blogging) and if you’ve got a tiny quantity of backlinks, you’ll however desire to create links from other websites. Assemble some Web 2.0s, article links, bookmarks, societal signals etc.

Whois seclusion also goes into this class. An average for seclusion is 20% so don’t go with this.

Hosting on C-Block or only one supplier suppliers. If your links’ IPs are the same or too close (as is common with SEO/C-Block hosting), they can be marked down because Google anticipates links coming from a diverse variety of IPs.

These types of footprints are readily mended just by creating tons of different backlinks.

Common Footprints

Plugins, themes and anything else (like nameserver addresses) that is popular by thousands or countless amounts of other sites. They’ll not affect your results at all.

Note: avoid using the exact same plugins on all blogs since that blend, if special enough, can be a footprint in itself (and would classify as dangerous).


– believe if it’d be natural for a legitimate site when not sure if you can damage.

For example: some say that you just can’t have more than one link per hosting supplier. Does it occur that websites get multiple links from sites hosted on Amazon? Of course, likely quite frequently.

Frequently they’re able to be ignored with common sense and just a little technical knowledge, although there are many similar myths coming on forums.

Hopefully this site post can clear up a lot of questions that individuals have when constructing their PBN.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Zubayer Rahman Sayem Entrepreneur, Top Earner in DA And The Founder of 19 Coders & Entrepreneurs Passive Income. People say "Slow and steady wins the race" - I actually don't believe it. I believe my power principle "Change brings opportunity! Quick change brings quick opportunity!" You can always be more, have more and do more because you can always learn more. Success is a learnable skill.



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