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PBN Footprints

We’re believing it’s a great time since the big bulk of day-to-day deindexed we see on our stage would be readily prevented by following fundamental rules for PBNs.

Everything was categorized by me into problems and two sections – footprints. Problems are something that might cause deindexed if there’s more of them and lifts flags.

PBN Footprints

The simplest way to get your websites deindexed – link from all your websites that are websites to all of your cash and not have any links.

Whois info. Ensure that you not use the identical e-mail or physical address on your entire domains.

Exceptional themes and plugins. Don’t use exactly the same mix of plugins on all of your sites. Don’t use the exact same custom topic on your entire sites.

Ensure your site loads.

High amount of 301 redirects will undoubtedly cause deindexed.

Google Webmaster Tools, Adsense, Analytics or another analytics and advertising codes. This leaves an exceptional code that is very clear on all of your sites, readily linking them.


Topics and plugins for GoogleBot user agent with distinct perspective. The typical answer is known by Google from plugins and WordPress themes. Google expressly forbids this prevent it.

Filing domain names. Use common registrars, don’t use secrecy on more than 20% of your entire sites, don’t purchase all domain names on the same days or from an identical market (if auctions).

Using low-cost hosting. Problems will be caused by affordable hosting with security, reliability and functionality. If your site is down or gets hacked when it gets crawled, it’s going to get deindexed quite fast.

Like you see at the end of the site post – link to other posts in your site.

No social bookmarks, links or shares. Ensure that you have Retweets and a few Facebook likes on each site.

Posts about key words that are commercial. Posts are written by don’t only on key words that are commercial you’re 9. Ensure that you have posts on issues that are wide-ranging.

Overly simple website posts.

No links to other sites. Not only power sites but to , little market sites that are useful.

Clear PBN site. You understand that’s it and – nothing custom, only a random subject, 5 blocks of text, a couple of links.


These are now problems and the primary footprints when examining web logs on our platform we see. We’ll be the first one, if new problems appear.

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